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Designing a brand identity for a financial market consultancy.


March 2016 – May 2016
Brand consulting
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Brand identity design
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Financial markets have always been a mystery to me. A list of numbers and indexes that make no sense to an outsider, that are able to be read and understood by a select few people. These people earn money by being being able to read the hidden language of markets and understand its movement better than their competitors.

I was contacted by an organization of such people to develop their brand identity system. The company is involved in creating strategical reports that help fund managers keep their top performance. The reports achieve this by giving simple and actionable information about the trends in the technological stock markets. Information that helps fund managers make quick and secure investment decisions.


The objective I had for the brand direction and design was to create an identity that appealed to high level fund managers and financiers.


As the foundation of any brand is a simple and memorable idea. The foundational brand idea I came up with for the organization was “Values in Motion”. Values in stock markets are always in flux, responding to multidimensional relationships of different factors. Understanding and communicating these constantly changing circumstances in a simple and straightforward way is the most vital responsibility of the company. And it was my job to reflect this concept inside a visual system. 

Alexander was a pleasure to work with. He clearly listened to what my requirements were,then undertook his own research. His experience and creativity clearly came through in the ultimate brand design.

— R. Speck, Founder of Javelin


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