Vellum Brand identity

Designing a brand identity for a multi-faceted financial holding company.


April 2016 – May 2016
Vellum Holding
Brand consulting
Design consulting
Brand identity design
Logo design

Starting a  home and is one of the most challenging endeavours for each of us as people. And it is even harder, if you don’t actually have the money to do so. Many people in the Western world, have easy access to crediting, but this is not the situation for other parts of the world. Getting a credit for a home is next to impossible in some parts of the world. Vellum was found, to provide credits with transparent conditions with a affordable interest rates to families who didn’t previously have access to such financing.


The Vellum team contacted me in order to help them establish the initial brand identity elements, for their marketing efforts. The main challenge here was to research the market and their competitors, and try to offer Vellum a vision and looks that helps them stand out from the crowd of faceless and antiquated banking institutions that are competing in the target market.


The solution we offered to was to combine a well integrated and simple logotype with a clear idea and signature look, and combine it with a strong colorscheme that breaks the norms that were set by Vellum’s competitors. In this way they would have the right balance between stable trustworthy looks, that also break conventions, and shows that they are bringing something new to the table.

“Alexander was very thoughtful about the details and also has a solid understanding of the much bigger “branding” picture. He takes care that decisions made at the beginning will work many steps down the road. Highly recommended.”

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