Trastena Raspberry wine packaging

A fresh face for an unortodox table guest.


May 2015 – June 2015
Design consulting
Logo design
Label design
Packaging design

A while ago, I was presented with a brief for designing a labeling for a raspberry wine called Trastena. The brief was for a competition, and I tend to avoid competitions due to disapproval of taking part in Spec work. However the brief was so well written and eloquent, I knew I could have some fun exploring it right off the bat. That’s why I decided I can take Trastena as a personal project, and design a label I would enjoy seeing on the shelves of supermarkets.


I always start work with setting clear goals to achieve for the final output.

The overall goal I set for the project was to achieve a certain aristocraticity and simplicity in the final design. At the same time it was very important to differentiate Trastena clearly as a one-of-a-kind product, which holds an unique character.


In order to try to communicate that idea, I experimented with different materials and mediums. Since wine itsself is such an organic and rich substance, I decided I will stay away from the “safe zone” of the computer, as much as possible, and focus on experimenting with organic materials, like paints, inks, etc.

Once I did enough experiments and was confident in the direction that should be taken, I moved on to finalizing the label design in software. The label was all well and ready, but what I thought would make this project really sexy, is if I made a realistic visualisation of the final Trastena wine bottle.

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