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We’ve all been there. You slave away tens of hours on a single logo. You think of the right symbolism and meaning. You nudge every point to perfection. You kern every letter, until your eyes are sore. You choose every color with love and care. Until that time finally comes… the time when you show it to the client, expecting that they would be blown away by your design greatness.

You sit on the meeting excited to show them your vision of their brand identity. And then… comes the awkward silence. You see the confused and hesitant look on your client’s face. You start blushing, trying to estimate just how much you just screwed up.

Of course they say they like it — they are nice people, and they don’t want to hurt your feelings. But a couple of days later comes that dreaded email. They write back saying that they just don’t feel any of your designs. But how can this happen? Your strategy meetings were spot on, your design sense lead you to the right shapes and symbols. And yet — they still don’t feel it.

Before you start bashing yourself… just take a deep breath. Maybe the problem was not what you expected. Maybe your idea really is good. Where you have failed is presenting it.

What we as creatives frequently forget is that our clients are not like us. They don’t have the vivid imagination that keeps us up at night, in dreams of how a brand would take shape. When they see our logo, they don’t feel the velvet touch of freshly printed businesscards. When they see our cool illustration, the can’t feel the softness of the cool branded shirt you’ve created for them.

They don’t experience the brand you’ve imagined as real.

In order for clients to feel how great your branding idea really is, they need to experience it. And to experience it – you have to take them on a journey. They need to get into the skin of their more successful future self.  To feel as if wearing that cool branded shirt, or holding that pristine new office mug. They need to feel as if seeing their products packaged and ready to be put on the shelves for the first time. They need to feel as if their brand is already a reality. That is the journey I am talking about.

So how do you do that? Do you just open Google, and type “free design mockups”, and go from there? Why not spend hours of time in browsing the web, until you find a couple of half-decent mockups? Seems exciting, right? As exciting as watching paint dry. And the results would look just right, after 23 minor fixes to the Photoshop file.

Maybe you consider yourself an artisan. You decide to play all in, and spend a pile of money at a print shop. You pray the printers will make your designs look just right. After which you spend another pile of money on hiring the right gear to photograph the merch. Or even — God forbid — hire a professional photographer to do the job.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a pile of money, or time laying around. And that is where a third option comes in.

Have you ever asked yourself, how architects make their clients experience a home, even before a single brick has been laid? They show a 3D visualisation.

This is where the power of 3D graphics comes to the rescue of us branding designers. With modern 3D software, we can create design presentations that are almost indestinguishable from reality. All of this without having to leave our office, spend hours of time talking to print shops, and photographers, or browsing the web for mockups. Not to mention the ton of money wasted in the process.

But what if you don’t have a team of 3d modellers at your service, ready to execute your every branding or product idea. This is where we can help.

We can help you get your brand identity ideas realized on photo realistic 3D items. Items so real you can almost touch and feel. And maybe…  just maybe, next time your clients are going to feel as great about your designs as you do.

Get your brand identity ideas realized on photo realistic 3D items

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