Cloosiv brand identity

I was contacted by a startup, looking to change the way we interact with brick and mortar shops, to design their brand identity system. Cloosiv powers the customer experience by combining popular functionality of shopping and wallet apps, allowing you to pay for your purchase digitally, while you’re still in the shop. The app also keeps track of all of the promotions offered by your favorite shops. Read more

Javelin Brand identity

I was contacted by a financial intelligence organization to develop their brand identity system. The company is involved in creating strategical reports that help fund managers keep their top performance. The reports achieve this by giving simple and actionable information about the trends in the technological stock markets. Information that helps fund managers make quick and secure investment decisions. Read more


Logofolio — A selection of logotype and symbol designs created between 2012—2017 Read more

Trastena wine packaging

A while ago, I was presented with a brief for designing a labeling for a raspberry wine called Trastena. The brief was for a competition, and I tend to avoid competitions due to disapproval of taking part in Spec work. However the brief was so well written and eloquent, I knew I could have some fun exploring it right off the bat. That’s why I decided I can take Trastena as a personal project, and… Read more

Joseph Liu brand identity

What sold me on designing a brand identity for Joseph Liu was, that it held the potential to change people’s lives and help them achieve their dreams. Learning from his own experiences of transformation, Joseph understood the stages people pass through when relaunching their careers. And my job was to help him translate his wisdom into an eloquent and recognizable visual message. Read more

Vellum Brand identity

Getting a credit for a home is next to impossible in some parts of the world. Vellum was found, to provide credits with transparent conditions with a affordable interest rates to families who didn’t previously have access to such financing. The Vellum team contacted me in order to help them establish the initial brand identity elements, for their marketing efforts. Read more

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