Project Description

A fresh face for an unortodox table guest

Designing a packaging for an unortodox wine label

 A while ago, I was presented with a brief for designing a labeling for a raspberry wine called Trastena. The brief was for a competition, and I tend to avoid competitions due to disapproval of taking part in Spec work. However the brief was so well written and eloquent, I knew I could have some fun exploring it right off the bat. That’s why I decided I can take Trastena as a personal project, and design a label I would enjoy seeing on the shelves of supermarkets.


The Goals

I always start work with setting clear goals to achieve for the final output.
 The overall goal I set for the project was to achieve a certain aristocraticity and simplicity in the final design. At the same time it was very important to differentiate Trastena clearly as a one-of-a-kind product, which holds an unique character.


The research

Once goals were set, I was ready to start research and idea generation. Since I started this specifically as a personal project, I treated it as an opportunity to educate myself. It was very important for me to learn as much as I can about the brand and it’s relation to the general wine market in Bulgaria:
  • History of the Trastena brand
  • Technology of winemaking
  • Researching the competitive market of wines in bulgaria
  • Analyzing models, tendencies and standard practices in wine label design



Idea exploration

Now that I had my head full of information, and ready to explode, I felt ready to start exporing ideas and working visually.  I followed one main train of thought, and it was:

Trastena raspberry wine as an adventure of the senses.

In order to try to communicate that idea, I experimented with different materials and mediums. Since wine itsself is such an organic and rich substance, I decided I will stay away from the “safe zone” of the computer, as much as possible, and focus on experimenting with organic materials, like paints, inks, etc.

Final concept and presentation

Once I did enough experiments and was confident in the direction that should be taken, I moved on to finalizing the label design in software. The label was all well and ready, but what I thought would make this project really sexy, is if I made a realistic visualisation of the final Trastena wine bottle.
As we all know – presentation is key, so in order to sell an idea, you need to present it properly. The only way to present a wine label is to visualize it, as it would be in its natural state – on the wine bottle and in the right environment.
That’s why I set out to visualize it, through my knowledge of things like 3d modelling, product photography, lighting and post production.
May 2015 – June 2015
Design consulting
Logo design
Label design
Packaging design

The results

Being free and unrestricted, to express your own aesthetic character is something you rarely get to do in design for client work. The main takeaway from this project was the lovely experience of creating it, and all the knowledge and fun I had during the process. Working on Trastena opened many doors on working on similar projects in the future. 

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