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Go beyond the game

Designing a brand identity for an educational hub for gamers

Ever felt that sitting in front of the computer is physically draining you? Imagine what it’s like to have your mind and nerves engaged to the maximum for hours at a time, while sitting and not moving at all. This is what serious gamers are going through each single day. The joke about getting carpal tunnel on your wrist from gaming is actually no joke at all. Now imagine that gaming is not only your life – imagine it is your means of living – your job. That would mean that you rely on your body and nervous system each and every day for your paycheck.

On June 2015 Boyan Tonkov contacted me, because he was looking for design and brand direction on a new project he was creating for gamers. It was an educational channel, helping gamers to play and get better, sustainably, by learning how to take care of their bodies and minds.

I liked the idea about such a business and was excited to help, since I, myself, am struggling from the effects spending too much time sitting in front of the computer. That’s why I need to keep a disciplined training routine, in order to stay healthy and productive. The knowledge that Boyan wanted to offer to the gaming audience was invaluable for keeping my own body and mind in check.


The objective I had for the brand direction and design was to create an identity that appealed to the gaming crowd. It needed to be active, action-packed and strong, but not also orderly as opposed to  chaotic. He’re is a short description of the core idea of the brand platform and identity I developed:

The integral idea that moves us forward is: Go beyond. Whether you are a gamer, hacker, office worker, or anyone, exposed to technology on a daily basis, we offer you the exercises, strategies and nutrition tips, that would help you go beyond and excel in both the virtual and real world.

Optimize performance. Have more fun and be healthier, while performing beyond your wildest expectations in your favourite

June 2015 – July 2015
Metagame system
Brand consulting
Design consulting
Brand identity design


The work I did for Metagame system served as a foundation for the initial exposure of the brand to its potential customers. It served mainly in social media channels, which are most popular with the focus audience like Youtube, Twitter, and Twitch.

At first I had lots of confusion about the outlook and the ideas I wanted to convey to my audience.
When we first started working with Alexander, I had to answer a few questions. At the time I didn’t realize how are they important for the whole project. However answering them gave me even clearer idea of what I was missing during my own planning.
The finished product was straight to the point, fortifying the strengths and clearing the message of my project. The level of professional insight given by Alexander Petrov was staggering and also a huge eye opener. For a guy like me, who had only an idea – to see it alive, in such a short time was awesome. I wish to all the future customers to trust the process and enjoy the results.
Boyan Tonkov, Metagame system

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