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The art of reinventing your life

Designing a brand identity for a career relaunching consultancy 

Everyone has time in their lives when there is a crying need for a transformation and change of lanes. This is usually equal parts exciting and terrifying. It is a time full of stress and uncertainty. A time we pine for guidance and security, and sometimes a push in the right direction. Each instance I have passed through such stage in my life, I have looked for wisdom from people who have already lived through the same. Through books, and lectures I was able to get guidance and support, that helped me get to where I am now. That it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with one such person, who aims to help his audience through the transformative times of career change.

On July 2015 Joseph Liu contacted me, because he was looking for some creative help on the new brand he was creating for his personal consulting practice. Joseph’s business is offering advice and guidance through the difficult times of career change. After talking to a dozen of design consultancies, he decided he loved my vision for the project and the efficient process I offered during our initial discussions.

What sold me on the project was that it held the potential to change people’s lives and help them achieve their dreams. Learning from his own experiences of transformation, Joseph understood the stages people pass thorugh when relaunching their careers. And my job was to help him translate his wisdom into an eloquent and recognizable visual message.


The objective we set for ourselves for the design of the brand identity was to create a brand that feels reflective, clean and simple. The brand identity elements should convey certainty, confidence and courage to his target audience. He was aiming to attract proffessionals who aspire to work with greater purpose and share their talents with the world. We needed to find the right balance between a corporate and personal feel for the color, typography and iconography.

July 2015 – Oct 2015
Joseph Liu
Design consulting
Brand identity design
Brand collateral design
Typography consultancy


From a business standpoint, the brand guideline I designed for Joseph Liu served as a tool, that helped focusing the visual messages of Joseph’s brand. It potentially saved hundreds of dollars of work in research and development for Joseph’s design and development team. I also helped him by designing the 7 stages of career change document, which was the backbone of the message he wanted to communicate to his audience. The initial ideas I generated in our work together served later in the development of the website, print materials, animation and other marketing collateral for the brand.

Joseph Liu,, The Shard, Warwick Business School, London 14Oct2015, photographer Bronac McNeill
Alex was a pleasure to work with throughout this design project. I have only positive things to say about the quality of his design work & expertise, his stellar project management & organisational skills, and client management skills which were absolutely top notch. I especially love how he approaches design as being one with brand strategy & positioning. One of the best designers I’ve worked with in my career. He always shares his point of view and helpful perspectives to not only meet the Brief, but also add an additional layer of expertise and strategic thinking that improved the final deliverable. Thank you for all your amazing work on this.

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