Design process guidelines


These guidelines are compiled to help my clients understand and agree to the design process I am proposing. If you still have any questions after reading this, let me know on, so I can help clarify things. 


Timeline for each project starts running after receipt of initial deposit by the designer. The amount of this deposit is clearly stated in each individual project proposal.


The typical design project goes through the following stages:

Concepting stage
In this stage the designer focuses his efforts on researching the problem that the project is looking to solve, and sketching possible visual solutions for this problem. This is when a multitude of ideas are tested and explored. The stage concludes with the submittion of single or multiple Draft design directions to the client for approval.

Design stage
Upon approval of one of the Draft design directions, the designer focuses his efforts on refining the direction agreed on, and moving it to a polished, finished result. The stage concludes with the submition of Refined design direction to the client for approval.

Delivery stage
This is the stage where any revisions to the Refined design direction are made. For more information on revisions, read the next section. This stage concludes with payment in full of the remaining price and the delivery of the Final brand identity package.


During Concepting stage the client will recieve a single or multiple Draft design directions, which client and designer can discuss and change several times. All changes during that stage are included in the project price.

During Delivery stage, after turnover of the Refined brand identity direction the client is provided one revision included in the project price. The client can use it to give the designer feedback on anything that needs a bit of additional attention. A single revision cycle consists of the client sending the designer a list of the revisions that need to be made, in a single clearly structured email. Any additional emails with revisions needed will be outside of scope of the fixed price of the project, and will be billed on an hourly basis at the current designer hourly rate: $38.8/hour

If an item or task required by the client is not mentioned in the scope of the proposal, it is outside of the scope of the flat fee of the project project and will be charged hourly at the current designer hourly rate: $38.8/hour

Termination and refunds

If for some reason designer and client are unable to reach an agreement for the direction of the project, and no arrangement can be made, the contract may be terminated upon mutual agreement. Any milestones for project stages, that are already submitted by the designer and approved by the client are non-refundable.


Feedback will be requested in the end of each project stage. In the meantime the client has several options to keep up with the progress of the project:

Email: Email is the the official means of contacting me, which guarantees timely response 

If you have any questions, or want to reach me directly, I work Monday through Friday, between 9am and 5pm Eastern European Time. If you email me outside of those times, I might not respond as quickly.

Meetings: I am available for scheduled in person meetings over Skype or Google Hangouts. Meetings can be scheduled over email, at least a day in advance.

Skype: ignilibrium

Communication will be conducted only by the representatives of the parties delineated in the project proposal. Excessive and unefficient communication can take time and slow down the design and development process.