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How to be the best client for any design consultant?

Me and most of my design friends have all heard about Clients from Hell. Some of us actually met and worked with such people — the types of clients, that make any designer cringe in fear and disgust. However, there are not many guides, that help clients NOT become a designer’s worst nightmare. And this is a huge problem, since the client’s role is just as important for the success of a project, as the role of a designer.

Being a good client takes time and effort to get used to. It is not an inherent or natural ability to know how to communicate with a design consultant, or what to expect from them. Trusting someone to give you a solution, especially if it is not the solution you’ve imagined, takes some courage and a leap of faith. Read more

How do you choose the right logo for your business?

You have a bunch of logo options in front of you, fresh from your graphic designer, and you don’t know which one to choose.

  • Which one looks good
  • Which one conveys the right message?
  • Which one will appeal to your customers?

As a graphic designer (the guy who makes these logos for you), I have to advice my client on which option works best for his situation and which one doesn’t. Despite the fact I was the person who created these logo options, there were many times, when I wasn’t able to help them choose one. Or I disagreed with the choices that they made, but wasn’t able to explain my reasoning effectively.  Read more

12 tips for improving your landing page in less than an hour

You just released the landing page for your latest and greatest business idea. Yay! All the grinding and anticipation is over, now it is celebration time, right? So why aren’t you poppin’ the champagne bottle just yet? In a corner of your mind, you still feel your landing page is a bit off, but can’t quite put your finger on it. Am I right? And it is bugging you. The worse thing you can feel is knowing something is off, but not knowing what it is, and what you can do about it. Like having an itch and not knowing where to scratch…

Making your page resonate with your viewer becomes a no-brainer, once you know what to do. But you are neither a copywriter, nor a designer. How do you get there? Read more

8 tips for improving your design thinking today

Learning about design and branding can be an overwhelming task, if you don’t know where to start. Huge and complicated subjects like symbols, logos, typography, color theory can take more than a lifetime to master. The market is flooded with “…. for dummies” books that can teach you about the tools and software, but there are not too many books that teach you about design processes, let alone design thinking.

Imagine you can improve your design skills tomorrow. Even without all the fancy software, costing you thousands of dollars. Without the years of expensive education.

Read more