I am a designer who loves to draw, or an artist, who loves to think. (pick whichever you like)

Hi! My name is Alexander

I communicate complicated ideas through simple pictures.

My job is to help passionate business owners inform, excite and influence people, through the power of meaningful design. My main weapons of choice are creativity and strategic skills.

Even though I spend most of my day in computer graphics, I love getting my hands dirty with real life paint from time to time. I find that the simpler the tools I use, the more creative I can get. I combine colors, symbols, characters and pictures with a single goal – telling a story. My story. Your story.

And stories are powerful. They are important. They can make you laugh, they can make you cry, but most importantly – they can make you care.

The long story

Back at school, I was the nerdy kid, that was good with programming and computers. I excelled in that because I was able to analyze a process and then boil it down to an algorhytm. Beside doing the programming, I was fascinated about the possibilities of how different you can make your project look, through a simple change of color, fonts, etc. This was back when Flash was still the cool kid in town. Back then I didn’t even know what design was, but I played with it, learning from my mistakes, as I go.

I was getting pretty good with programming, so I started going to competitions. Years went by. I even ended up a finalist at a national competition in IT. So I found myself in a room full of nerds and computers. Here I am, looking around me, and all I see is people thinking and acting like machines. That’s when something inside of me clicked. I didn’t want to end up like this. So I decided to turn to art.

It’s been more than 8 years, since I went to my first art class. I still have a mental image of a dark and dusty workshop. Light piercing through the windows. Dust dancing in the air. The ancient wooden floor creaking under my footsteps. Walls full of pictures. I was witnessing magic happening in front of my eyes on a simple piece of paper. And the wizard was my teacher. That’s when a spark of creation was seeded inside me. I found my calling. And never stopped since then. The spark is still burning bright.

Making full circle

Design was the only discipline, that managed to combine my analytic and my artistic side into one endeavor. I found that I could actually solve practical problems, by using pictures. That’s what I call meaniningful design. So I started studying it. I even started getting paid for it. And that’s when you showed up on my digital doorstep. But enough about me…

The short story

More of my work


Brand consulting
Brand identity design
Character design

Awards and recognition

Part of the official selection
Annual exhibition “To death with a smile”, Mexican museum of Design, Mexico 2015

Encouragement award
International blitz-animation contest, Regional Library “L. Karavelov”, Ruse, Bulgaria 2015

Part of the official selection
Twelfth International Triennial of the Political poster Show, Le manege Mons Maubeuge, Belgium 2013

Audience award
D2 logo contest, Signcafe magazine, Bulgaria 2012

Front page of Behance student show, The Behance network 2012

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