I am a designer who loves to draw, or an artist, who loves to think.


Hi! My name is Alexander

I communicate complicated ideas through simple pictures.

My job is to help passionate business owners inform, excite and influence people, through the power of meaningful design. My main weapons of choice are creativity and strategic skills.

Even though I spend most of my day in computer graphics, I love getting my hands dirty with real life paint from time to time. I find that the simpler the tools I use, the more creative I can get. I combine colors, symbols, characters and pictures with a single goal – telling a story. My story. Your story.

And stories are powerful. They are important. They can make you laugh, they can make you cry, but most importantly – they can make you care.

Awards and Recognition

Global Game Jam 2017 event, Museum of Humor and satire, Bulgaria 2017

Part of the official selection
Annual exhibition “To death with a smile”, Mexican museum of Design, Mexico 2015

Encouragement award
International blitz-animation contest, Regional Library “L. Karavelov”, Ruse, Bulgaria 2015

Part of the official selection
Twelfth International Triennial of the Political poster Show, Le manege Mons Maubeuge, Belgium 2013


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Audience award
D2 logo contest, Signcafe magazine, Bulgaria 2012

Front page of Behance student show, The Behance network 2012

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