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Most of the brands with visual content, have some type of social media marketing outlet these days. Anything from a basic Facebook page, to Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn for B2B. The upside of these outlets is evident – you get to interact with more potential customers, and improve brand awareness. But there is also a huge downside – the time investment that any small business owner spends engaging on social media can be a lot, and with pretty minimal return on investment.

While great content would surely increase your chances of success on social media, crafting it also takes time and energy. Here’s what eludes most people: batching the preparation time and automating your social posting can help you save these precious hours. This is an invaluable time, which can be spent on crafting better content, or working on your business. Instead of spending an hour each day in social media, you can prepare all of your posts for the week in advance, and schedule when they are published.

Here’s the kicker — you can cut time on social media in half for free by using a service called Later. It is a social media scheduling platform, that allows you to create publishing schedules for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. In essence lets you write your posts, choose your pictures or videos, and schedule when to publish them. This guarantees you can always publish in the right time for your audience to see your posts.

That way you keep your content rolling, getting these likes and follows. At the same time you save more than half of the time you spend on social media currently.

If this is not a win-win situation, I don’t know what is. If this post was interesting, or you have any questions, leave a comment below or just get in touch.