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Everyday heroes of design: The beginning

Imagine sitting on the side of the bed, struggling to gather the strength to get up and start your day. Your head — swarmed with thoughts and doubts.

How would you find money to finance your business?
How are you going to brand  & market it?
Are you really capable of doing it all by yourself?
Isn’t it easier to just give up and find a “real job” like everyone else.

Now I don’t need to imagine this, because I’ve felt it numerous times. I’ve seen it all around: from family, friends and even the clients I work with.

In my darkest moments I’ve been always pondering: Why did we sign up for the challenge of owning a business? What keeps us afloat as solopreneurs and members of small teams? Why not just throw in the towel and get off the ring? Maybe it has something to do with our passion for our crafts – the desire to always be better and offer more value to people…

But even our passion can fail us, once we’re burnt out, leaving us desperate and heart broken. And yet — we keep on going. So what is this mysterious force that keeps us going even when every other part of us wants to give up? The only answer I’ve come up with consists of two words: Conviction and Character.

Why “Everyday heroes of design”?

There are many businesses out there that demonstrate these traits and even more – they are able to articulate them through their design and messaging. They use visuals and text to instill us with the idea that there are real people with real passion behind this business. That’s why I decided to start a series of interviews which would help inspire both myself and my readers and motivate us to find our conviction and be true to our character.

The people I’m looking to feature are not different from you and I in any other way, than being willing to put themselves out there. They have the guts to offer their unique product and service in an authentic and personal way.

They gather the courage  to be seen, to be judged, and even rejected by the majority, only to be loved by a small faithfull minority. This is what can inspire us to find our own character, and convince us it is possible to be authentic AND successful at the same time.

Even if they themselves may not think they are “heroes”, I’d say that facing adversity daily, while remaining true to yourself, and useful to others is quite the heroic act. Such people deserve to be known and appreciated by as many people as possible. And I personally would love to be reminded daily that such businesses can exist and even thrive.

So how would this series be useful to you?

If you are a designer, or a business owner looking to get inspired and motivated for your own pursuits, keep a close eye on the series. If you are interested find some great examples of people that are nailing their design and branding, while being true to themselves, this may be a series worth following.

You can find a list of the latest interviews to date here. You can be the first to know, as new interviews are posted, by filling the form below.

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